Payment gateway for Magento 1.9 and lower versions

Enhance your e-commerce site with Fondy’s reliable and secure payment gateway, tailored for Magento 1.9 and earlier versions.

Our plugin supports Magento 1.9 and lower versions. Before setting up it please make sure your site has the corresponding one.


  • Download Fondy’s plugin for Magento from our GitHub repository here or through the Magento Marketplace page.
  • Extract and copy files to the root directory of your site into an existing folder /app/.


  • Go to the Magento control panel System > Configuration and open the “Payment methods” tab.
  • Select “Fondy” for redirection to our hosted payment page or “Fondy on Page” for an embedded payment form on your site.
  • Enable “Yes” to activate the plugin.


  • Enter your Fondy Merchant ID and Payment Key, which you will find in the merchant’s technical settings in the Fondy account.
  • Enter other information as required and save your changes.

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