Card Payments

Accept card payments Visa, MasterCard for your business on website, social media or mobile app

Customers from Portugal and around the world can easily pay for your goods and services using Visa and MasterCard. The simplicity of the connection process will pleasantly surprise you, allowing you to accept credit card payments seamlessly.

How to simplify taking card payments for your business

Customers don’t always find it convenient to enter their card number, expiration date, and CVV2, especially if they don’t have their card handy. Electronic wallets such as Visa Checkout, Masterpass, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, which are always available on the payment page, help simplify and speed up the online payment process. These payment methods make it easier to take credit card payments online and enhance the overall user experience

What the payment process will be like for your customers

On the website

1. A customer from any country decides to purchase your product or service.
2. They are directed to the payment page, where they enter their card details and confirm the payment.
3. You receive the payment through credit card and the money is deposited into your bank account.

In the mobile app

1. A customer selects the product or service they wish to purchase.
2. They proceed to the payment screen within the app, where they choose a payment method (card, electronic wallet, etc.).
3. They confirm the payment, and you receive the funds in your bank account.

On social media

1. A customer finds your product or service through a social media platform.
2. They click on the payment link, which redirects them to a secure payment page.
3. They enter their payment details and confirm the transaction. You receive the money in your bank account.

Why it’s beneficial to accept card payments in business

Expand your business geography

Your customers can be not only from Portugal but anywhere in the world. They can pay for purchases in any currency with Visa or MasterCard, allowing you to receive credit card payments from a global audience and expand your business.

Increase sales

Statistics show that customers are more willing to spend money when making cashless payments, and they can also use credit funds. This makes it advantageous to accept credit card payments and boost your sales.

Simplify the refund process

If the customer is not satisfied with the product, you can easily refund the money back to their card with just a few clicks. This convenience is a key reason to accept card payments.

Single financial management center

All incoming payments can be tracked in the seller’s personal account. You always know how much you’ve earned, making it easier to manage and accept card payments online efficiently.

How to connect your business to Visa, MasterCard

We have taken care of everything so you don’t have to sign contracts with each payment system or bank separately, or create a developer account and integrate with Apple Pay and Google Pay one by one to accept payments.

We’ve done it all for you. Simply sign a contract with Fondy, and all payment systems, as well as mobile wallets from Apple and Google, will be at your disposal.

Accepting card payments – your gateway to international business markets

By starting to accept payments with Visa and MasterCard, you can sell goods and services to customers in Europe, Asia, and the USA, regardless of the currency their cards are in. This opens up international business opportunities.

All payments will be credited to your account in euro.

Don’t limit yourself to one bank

Our online acquiring works with over 25 banks across Europe, ensuring high payment success rates.

If one bank cannot process a payment, it is redirected to another within seconds, making it easier to receive credit card payments reliably.

Your customers’ data is secure

All information about your customers, their cards, and transactions is protected by the international PCI DSS standard. Data storage is regulated by GDPR policies, and card numbers are transmitted in encrypted form. This ensures that you can accept credit card payments online safely.

Customers value the attention to their security and trust reliable sellers more.

Try new sales channels for your business

Be closer to your customers. By connecting card payment acceptance through the Fondy service, you can accept payments:

On your website

Easily integrate a payment gateway to accept card payments online directly on your website, providing a seamless checkout experience for your customers.

In social media and messengers

Enable your customers to make purchases via social media platforms and messaging apps by providing secure payment links, making it simple to take credit card payments online.

In mobile apps

Offer a convenient way for customers to pay within your mobile app by integrating payment options, ensuring you can accept card payments quickly and efficiently.

Through email newsletters using invoices

Send invoices via email newsletters and allow customers to pay directly from their inbox, streamlining the process to receive credit card payments online.

At offline points of sale with QR codes

Facilitate in-person transactions by using QR codes at your physical locations, allowing customers to pay through credit card payments easily with their smartphones.

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