Online invoicing

Online invoicing with FONDY is a simply way of billing.

Create invoices and bill customers even if you don't have a website or connected payment system.

Online invoicing - it's convenient

  1. Create invoices in just a few minutes with a simple form.
  2. Send the invoice in a convenient way: e-mail, SMS or any messenger.
  3. Pay invoices by: Visa (all type cards), MasterCard, Maestro. All supported payment methods.
  4. Automatic crediting of funds to your card/account.

How does online invoicing work?

How to create an online invoice?
  • Fill out and send a simple invoice form
  • The client clicks on the link, fills in their details and pays.
  • Fondy will do the rest.

    we process the payment, notify the payer of the status of the transaction, send out receipts and, in case of payment failure, issue a refund to the seller in a timely manner.

More useful online invoicing functions

  • Online invoice in an alternative currency. We'll take care of the conversion.
  • History of online invoices and payments
  • Preauthorization for invoices. Reserve the amount on the customer card then confirm the charge later via your merchant account
  • Mass online invoicing: download a list of customers and payments to be made in one file - we'll send the invoices out to all your customers
  • Branded payment page for your business

Who needs online invoicing?

  • Anyone who provides private services: tutors, repair teams, beauticians and stylists to name just a few.
  • Freelancers, including those who work from abroad: copywriters, designers, developers.
  • Providers, sales representatives
  • Traders who do not have an online store and sell through social networks and/or from personal accounts.

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