CS Cart payment gateway

CS Cart payment gateway

CS Cart payment gateway – the best solution for eCommerce

CS-Cart is a professional CMS system, which is most often used to create online stores. In this CMS, users have the ability to independently manage the design. To date, there are more than 35,000 online stores in 170 countries that work on CS-Cart. Advantages of the CMS of the CS-Cart system is a convenient control panel and high speed of operation. This system is resistant to loads and all kinds of hacking.

In order to start accepting payments in an online store based on CS-Cart, you need to install a CS Cart payment gateway from FONDY acquiring. Setting up the CS-Cart is simple, intuitive and takes only a couple of minutes.

CS Cart payment gateway for 4.x versions

Download the free CS Cart payment gateway you can here

Installing CS Cart payment gateway

To integrate the payment module for CS-Cart, you need:

  1. Go to the control panel of your online store;
  2. Go to Modules-> Manage modules (/admin.php?dispatch=addons.manage);
  3. Download the archive with the payment module;
  4. Add new payment method
  5. Administration / Methods of payment(/admin.php?dispatch=payments.manage)

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