Frequently asked questions about Fondy payment platform.

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  • 1. What is Fondy?

    Fondy is a payment platform whose main function is to provide internet acquiring. This means processing online payments via websites, mobile applications and other devices connected to the internet. Fondy also offers cloud-based white-label solutions for banks, IPSPs  and processing centres providing internet acquiring and financial settlement services.

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  • 2. How much does it cost to connect to the Fondy system?

    Connecting to the Fondy system is free.

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  • 3. Which payment methods does Fondy support?

    We support Visa (all type cards), Mastercard and Maestro bank cards from any country as well as several other payment methods such as online banking with European.

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  • 4. What commission does Fondy take on payments?

    We have some of the best tariffs on the market. Depending on the specific needs of your business, its country of registration and monthly turnover, we can offer highly beneficial terms. For details, call us for a consultation with one of our managers.

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  • 5. Does Fondy work with legal entities and private entrepreneurs?

    FONDY works with legal entities and private entrepreneurs registered in every country of the European Union

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  • 6. Where can I see how the Fondy system works?

    We have a test online shop at Follow the link and click on the button “checkout via Fondy” to see the payment process in action. For the test payment use card number 4444555511116666 and then input any values for the card expiry date and CVV2 code. When you pay you’ll be redirected to a page which emulates the 3DSecure security element of the issuing bank.

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  • 7. How do I connect to Fondy in order to use it to receive payments?

    To connect to Fondy you first need to register at the Fondy site here: Then, one of our managers will contact you to go through all the details and answer any questions you may have about contract signing and the documentation you’ll need to provide.

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  • 8. Does FONDY work with residents from any country? Which currencies does FONDY work with?

    FONDY works with legal entities and private entrepreneurs registered in all countries of the European Union. We work with the Euro, Dollar, Pound sterling, Czech koruna, Polish zloty, and other currencies.

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  • 9. What is a merchant, a merchant account and a merchant portal?

    A merchant is a commercial enterprise which accepts online card payments with funds credited to a bank account.

    A merchant account is a merchant’s profile registered at Fondy and which has a unique identifier within our system linked to the merchant’s bank account. A merchant account can be set up through our site:
    A merchant portal is the website where a profile owner or co-workers can see all payments, settings and analytics and perform various account functions including setting up invoices, creating payment buttons, cancelling payments, exporting reports, customising payment page designs and much more. The merchant portal can be found here:

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  • 10. Where can I see the merchant portal and how it works?

    A demo merchant portal can be found here: Within the demo portal you can perform all the same actions as in the fully-working version including browsing payments, creating invoices, generating payment buttons, viewing analytics, exporting reports and viewing technical, financial and other settings.

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  • 11. How often are payouts to merchants processed?

    Funds are credited to client accounts three working days from the moment a payment is completed. Individual payment schedules are also possible, including next-day payments.

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  • 12. How are funds paid out to the merchant?

    Payouts to a bank account are automated. The account needs to have been opened in the European Union country, in accordance with a company’s country of registration.

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  • 13. How can I track payments?

    1. All information regarding payment made through Fondy is displayed in the merchant portal.
    2. Reports on authorization holds and payouts, with details  of each transaction, are also sent via post.
    3. Notifications are sent to a merchant’s server via the API.

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  • 14. Is it possible to make a payment page in the same style as my site?

    Yes. In the merchant portal in the merchant settings Design section the payment page can be completely branded. The branding area is also available on the move via the JS API.

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  • 15. What happens when a payment is made by card which is not confirmed by the cardholder?

    If a customer receives a good or service but their bank then issues a request for money to be returned (a chargeback), Fondy takes responsibility for all work relating to financial claims from the issuing bank and the client, with no loss of revenue to the merchant.

    How this works: Transaction security is guaranteed by the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode standards whilst our monitoring team investigates the financial claims upon which the merchant provided services to the client.

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  • 16. Why is it better to work with Fondy and not with other services?

    The main advantages of our service are:

    1. Fair pricing
    2. Quick and easy start-up
    3. Reliability and a payment success rate of up to 98%
    4. Timely payouts
    5. High quality service
    6. Simple but multifunctional API technical interface
    7. A reliable, dependable anti-fraud system
    8. A user-friendly, responsive merchant portal and payment page design
    9. Financial and technological flexibility in innovation

    For further details on the advantages of Fondy, see our blog:

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  • 17. I made my site using a CMS. Do you have a solution for me?

    We have modules for all the most popular CMS. The only thing you need to do is install and set up the module according to the instructions relevant to your particular case. CMS modules are freely available here:

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  • 18. Does Fondy support regularly scheduled payments?

    Yes, we are able to offer the option of regular payments to a client’s account. Payments are made without need for repeated client participation. For more information see our API documentation:

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  • 19. If I have several sites do I need to sign an agreement for each one?

     The agreement you sign with Fondy covers just one site, but you can add as many sites as you want through the merchant portal.

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  • 20. Do you have a partnership program?

    Yes, Fondy offers a partnership programme based around connecting online shops. Refer people you know and earn money with them. In order to find out more about our partnership programme, write to and one of our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

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  • 21. My site is more informational than commercial, but I still need to take card payments. Can I do this with Fondy?

    In the Fondy merchant portal in the sections ‘INVOICES’ you can create invoices for your customers and send them an e-mail with a link via which they can pay.

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