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Who we are

What is Fondy and what do we do?

Fondy is a leading one-stop payment solution for cross-border commerce. We help businesses, marketplaces and platforms move money without friction.

How many countries and currencies does Fondy support?

We process payments in 150 currencies in over 200 countries.

How does your customer support work?

Simply message us via chat and email or call us. Alternatively, visit our contact page to learn more.

How to get started

How long does it take to get signed up?

As quickly as the same day or up to a week. It all depends on how long our verification checks take.

What do I need to open an account?

A fully operational website and compulsory documentation. Learn more about our requirements here.


How long are your contracts? Is there a contract attached to creating an account?

We don’t have any contracts. You will just need to agree to Fondy’s Terms & Conditions and pricing which form the basis of the merchant agreement with Fondy LTD. This is done by eSignature.

What can I expect from Fondy multi-currency accounts?

Our multi-currency accounts simplify global payments for businesses looking for a seamless and cost-effective way to accept online payments in a variety of ways, including cards, online banking and digital wallets such as Apple and Google Pay.

How do I add a new web page to my account?

A new URL can be added registering a new MID that can be linked to the original one.

How do I process a refund?

You can do it through your Fondy administration panel (Merchant Portal).

Where do I find my reports?

They are available in your Fondy administration panel (Merchant Portal).

Why is my account blocked?

The monitoring team can block an account for suspicious activities, please contact us for assistance.

Why have I not received my settlement?

When money has been sent to a bank not via the Faster Payments network, it can take up to 2 days to clear – check with your bank. Contact us for further support or guidance.

Products and services

Where can I find my invoices?

Log in to your Fondy account, select «Statements» from the menu, and from here you will find your monthly reports.

How can Fondy help me to grow sales?

Fondy’s payment solution helps businesses grow revenue by:

  • allowing more customers to buy from you because we offer a wider range of payment methods
  • expanding your reach as a business by attracting customers worldwide
  • lowering your cart abandonment rate because more customers can pay in their preferred payment method, currency and language
  • costing you less each month, saving you thousands each year in hidden costs and fees
  • simplifying and shortening the time it takes for your money to become available

What reports can I generate at the end of the month?

  • A monthly statement
  • A transactional reconciliation report
  • Customer spending trends
  • Payment method insights
  • View settlements and manage B2B payment distribution
  • Create and configure invoices and payment links
  • Conversion rates and view fraud instances
  • Split payouts

Which CMS platforms do you integrate into?

We integrate into 60+ CMS platforms including Wix, WooCommerce and Shopify. Discover the full list of CMS platforms and plugins.

Can you work with custom-built web pages?

Yes, with our API, developers can easily integrate our solutions into their existing custom-built web pages, apps, and platforms which will give them access to implement one or all of our solutions.

When do I receive settlements?

This can be once a month, week, or day depending on the business needs and risk profile of the business – your standard retail store would be daily settlements.

Costs and fees

Are there hidden fees?

There are no hidden costs.

Are there any monthly fees or set up fees I should know about?

No monthly or set up fees or hidden costs.

What can I expect to pay in my first month?

This depends on your volume in the month, and there is a difference between local card payments and international card payments.

What is included in the fee charged per transaction?

In accordance with industry practice, all companies using payments will pay scheme fees (Visa & Mastercard), the switching fee + 1 €. There are costs associated with other parts of the payment process like refunds, chargebacks, disputes, legal arbitrations and etc, but these are standard fees that you only pay if any of these things happen, and they are mandatory charges by your bank.

How does your pricing work?

We can provide customised pricing for merchants currently taking card payments. Visit Fondy’s pricing page to learn more.

Do we pay for Google Pay and Apple Pay if we want to activate them?

No, you do not pay for them, they are a standard feature of our payment solution.

General queries

How does cart abandonment affect my business?

Cart abandonment will negatively affect your business because it means consumers are not completing the checkout process on your online store. Take a look at our guide on reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversions.

Why is my conversion so bad?

A conversion rate is the number of declines divided by the number of transactions. Declines happen for many reasons including insufficient funds, card not on 3DS, payment method not authorised, etc. A normal conversion rate is between 85% to 100%.

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