Shopify payment gateway integration with Fondy provider

Don’t waste another minute – start selling today. Create your own website or online store using Shopify’s ready-made templates and connect Fondy payment gateway in just a few minutes. Then, start receiving payments in any currency from around the world via bank credit cards, Apple Pay & Google Pay e-wallets, and local payment methods. Thanks to the direct and exclusive integration of our two platforms for the Slovenian market, you have access to all the necessary payment functionalities without complex and half-working schemes.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an international cloud-based eCommerce platform that helps individual entrepreneurs and large companies launch and grow their online projects. Its built-in capabilities and numerous integrations with various platforms and services, including the Fondy payment gateway, cover all the needs of modern businesses. Additionally, Shopify allows you to sell and accept payments not only on the website created using their builder but also on partner marketplaces, social networks, and even physical retail locations.

var Options = {
    options: {
    methods: ['card', 'banklinks_eu', 'wallets', 'local_methods'],
    methods_disabled: [],
    default_country: 'DE',
    card_icons: ['mastercard', 'visa', 'maestro'],
    active_tab: 'card',
    fields: true,
    title: 'Checkout',
    link: 'https://sportik.example',
    full_screen: true,
    button: true,
    email: false
    params: {
    merchant_id: 1234567,
    required_rectoken: 'y',
    currency: 'EUR',
    amount: 500,
    order_desc: 'Demo order'
fondy("#checkout-container", Options);

How this Shopify integration works

  1. For order payment from a website or online store on Shopify, the user is redirected to the Fondy payment page, which opens in a new URL.
  2. All order details such as amount, currency, email address, and others are automatically populated. The customer then selects their preferred payment method, such as a bank credit card from Visa & Mastercard or an e-wallet like Apple Pay & Google Pay.
  3. If necessary, funds can be held on the payer’s card, and full or partial refunds can be issued if they decide to return the purchase.
  4. Payment analytics and statuses are available both in the Shopify admin panel and on the Fondy side in the merchant portal and mobile app.

How to connect payment gateway to Shopify

  1. Go to the page of our plugin in the Shopify App Store and click Add app.
  2. Log in to Shopify, select your account and store, and then install the plugin by clicking Install app.
  3. On the plugin settings page, enter your merchant ID and Payment key, then click Save. You can find these parameters in your Fondy account under Merchant Settings > Technical.
  4. In your Shopify store’s admin panel, go to Settings > Payments and select the payment methods you would like to accept through our gateway.
  5. If needed, test how the Fondy plugin works for Shopify, and then activate it.

What about multicurrency payments in the business?

We process payments in over 150 currencies and across 200 countries, so you will never miss out on a sale. Your clients can pay in their preferred currency, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Sell in Slovenia, Europe, and worldwide. Expand your business, and let the Fondy provider take care of your payments.

Reduce checkout friction

Minimise the pain of cart abandonment with Fondy’s advanced payment solutions. Our ClickToPay button ensures that returning customers can complete their transactions with just one click or tap, streamlining the checkout process and enhancing the user experience. By reducing the steps required to finalize a purchase, you significantly lower the risk of losing potential sales due to complex or lengthy payment procedures. Fondy’s efficient payment gateway keeps your customers happy and encourages repeat business, making the buying process smooth and hassle-free. Expand your reach and boost your sales with Fondy’s seamless checkout experience.

Reduce Failed Payments and Maximise Sales for your business

So what about this? Make failed payments a thing of the past with Fondy’s payment analytics. Our advanced system identifies the reasons behind failed transactions and highlights which card types and banks may be causing issues. By addressing these pain points, you can significantly reduce failed payments and maximise your sales potential.
Expand your business with confidence using Fondy’s seamless payment gateway integration for Shopify. Ensure a smooth, efficient checkout experience that keeps your customers coming back. Register today to see how the Fondy provider can optimise your Shopify store’s payment process.

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