Global Payments

Drive global growth with our international payment gateway

Earn not only locally in Slovenian but also globally by connecting to the global payments service Fondy. With us, you can sell to customers from 200+ countries in 150+ currencies on your website, social media, mobile apps, and other sales channels. Most importantly, accepting international payments from around the world is available to every merchant by default.

Simple connection and integration

You can start accepting international payments from around the world in just one day. By activating your merchant account in the morning, you will be able to receive international payment settlements from customers to your bank account the next day, minus our commission.

High payment success rate

We work with 30+ foreign banks and international payment providers. If one of them cannot process a transaction, it is redirected to another bank or partner, and this continues until the international online payment is successfully completed.

Fixed commission

We do not charge additional fees for accepting international payments from abroad – our standard rate already includes all the features of the Fondy international payment platform for accepting and managing online payments in a single system.

Think global, act local with our solutions

Top of the best payment methods shoppers trust

Our international payment gateway is integrated with over 300 payment methods, and we use geolocation to display the right local options

Shoppers will automatically see familiar payment choices, including local cards, internet banking, and eWallets (such as Apple and Google Pay), as well as global debit and credit cards. Returning customers’ lives are made even easier as they are automatically shown their previously chosen payment option.

International payments from the Fondy gateway for Slovenian merchants

If your business is registered not only in Slovenia but also in Europe, you can also accept international payments with the Fondy gateway. We connect and service companies in 40 countries. You don’t need to find a local payment partner – one integration with our solutions is enough to operate everywhere your business is legally represented. Utilize more opportunities for working with international payments: make payouts to partners in the currencies you and they need. Provide your customers with over 300 local and global payment methods for making payments.

Seamless payments every time

The Fondy gateway processes payments in currencies used by over 200 countries. Payments can be made on websites, online stores, Android and iOS, plus mobile apps – wherever and however shoppers want to buy, you’re ready for them. With our global payments solution, you can ensure that international card payments and multi currency conversions are handled effortlessly, providing your customers with a smooth and secure checkout experience. Additionally, our solutions support international online payment systems, making it easier for you to manage transactions from various regions.

We speak their language

The payment checkout page is programmed to be multilingual, so it will automatically set to the main local language, or you can pick an alternative. This ensures that your customers feel comfortable and confident when making international payments. Our global payment platform supports a wide range of languages, making it easy for shoppers from different regions to complete their transactions without any confusion. With this feature, you can enhance the user experience and increase conversion rates for international business payments.

Unlimited possibilities with Fondy, a provider for international business

Don’t limit yourself to the Slovenian market if your products or services are in demand in other countries. While being locally in Slovenia, you can earn online with or without a website, selling to customers from any country. Accept international payments with bank cards and electronic wallets like Apple Pay & Google Pay from around the world and grow your business internationally. With Fondy’s international payment gateway, you can seamlessly handle transactions and provide your customers with a reliable and secure payment experience.

Scaling your local business

Quick start without development or tailored to your specific needs.

You are not limited to just one country – sell your products or services online not only in Slovenia but also in international markets, including the EU and even other continents. With Fondy’s global payment platform, you can easily expand your reach and accept international payments from customers worldwide.

High purchasing power

Instant creation and quick interaction with payers.

Foreign customers often have a heightened interest in unique products online. They are not spoiled by good service and generally have a much higher income, which means greater purchasing power. By leveraging Fondy’s international payment system, you can tap into this lucrative market and offer a seamless payment experience that meets their expectations.

Guaranteed profit growth

Seamless payment process for a better user experience.

By entering international markets, you will gain multiple times more target customers, leading to daily growth in your online sales. Utilizing Fondy’s international payment platform, you can ensure a smooth and efficient payment process, which will help drive your sales and increase your profits.

International company reputation

No websites, banks, or additional equipment needed.

Selling online to customers from other countries will earn you a reputation as an international company, enhancing your status in the eyes of your consumers and potential business partners. By utilizing Fondy’s global payment solutions, you can demonstrate your capability to handle international payments efficiently and professionally, further solidifying your international reputation.

The best cross-border invoicing

Invoice your customers in an alternative currency if you prefer. The Fondy platform will process the conversion and manage payment reconciliation across countries, currencies, and payment methods. This feature ensures that you can handle international payments seamlessly, without worrying about complex currency conversions or cross-border transaction issues. Our international payment system supports invoicing in multiple currencies, making it easier for you to cater to a global customer base. Additionally, Fondy offers international payment gateways that streamline the entire payment process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every transaction. By utilizing our solutions, you can simplify international business payments and focus on growing your business globally.

Start trading today

Fondy’s universal platform removes payment obstacles by supporting a wide range of payment methods through a single integration. It’s so easy that you can set it up in the morning and be taking payments that afternoon. With our global payment gateway, you can accept international payments from customers around the world, whether they prefer using local payment methods or global card payments. Our platform also supports international online payment systems, ensuring that your business can handle transactions smoothly and securely. By using the Fondy gateway, you gain access to a comprehensive solution that simplifies international business payments and enhances your ability to reach a global market. Start trading today and experience the benefits of a truly global payment platform.

How to start accepting international payments with the Fondy payment gateway

Prepare your project according to requirements

Check your website, business page, or other sales channel where you plan to accept payments for compliance with Fondy’s requirements. Ensure that your platform is ready to integrate with our international payment system to start accepting international payments smoothly and securely.

Register and wait for activation

Create a merchant account and activate your merchant profile by providing your business information and bank details, then upload the necessary documents and sign the contract. Once your profile is activated, you’ll be ready to start accepting international payments through our global payment gateway.

Set up payment acceptance in your preferred sales channels

Start systematically accepting international payments from customers in the CIS and the EU on your website and other international sales channels using the tools that suit you. With Fondy’s international payment gateway, you can seamlessly integrate payment acceptance into your preferred sales channels and provide a smooth checkout experience for your customers.

Sell to the whole world with Fondy

Accept payments from customers in any country if your business requires it by submitting an application on our website or through our support service. With Fondy’s global payments platform, you can reach a worldwide audience and manage international payments effortlessly.

Customer stories

We chose Fondy’s payment service to solve an issue with receiving payments from different countries. Now we can instantly receive payments in any currency.

Pavel Shulga

CEO, Akademiya SEO

Go global and get growing

It’s easy for your customers and it’s simple for you too. Just create a merchant account and we’ll help you get started. With Fondy’s global payments platform, you can expand your business horizons and tap into new markets with ease.

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