FONDY pricing:

  • Before 2500 EUR/month

    Card payments:
    1.8% + 0.2€
    Bank transfers:
    1.4% + 0.2 € Sign Up
  • from 2500 EUR/month

    Card payments:
    1.6% + 0.2€
    Bank transfers:
    1.2% + 0.2 € Sign Up
  • More 5 000 EUR/month

Minimum monthly fee (MMP): 10 euros/month
If the sum of transaction fees is lower than MMPs, then they only pay so much for the amount to be settled. You do not pay the fee if the monthly transaction fee summary reaches the MMP value.
Chargeback: EUR 20
Extra payout: 5 euros
Account creation and maintenance: Free
Account activation: Free
Weekly Paid: Free
Technical Support: Free
CSM modules: Free

Connecting to us at any rate you get:

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One-time payments
Scheduled payments
Payment in one click/cards tokenization
A stylized payment page for you
JS Payment Page Widget
Automated Returns
Pre-authorization of payments
Reminders about unfinished purchases
Online invoicing
Payment by email or SMS
Detailed analytics and reports
Transfers to the card
Payment modules for popular CMS-systems
Payment by button or link
iOS and Android SDK
Open API
Service level
24/7 Support
Response time

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