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Discover founder-friendly pricing structured to support your business from pre-launch to rapid scale. Our payment gateway pricing and solutions are thoughtfully packaged to align with each stage of your business growth, ensuring fair and adaptable options to meet your evolving needs. Whether you are concerned about payment fees or need clear information on payment processing rates, we provide all the details you need.

Explore our diverse range of solutions, meticulously designed to cater to different business stages. Select the package that aligns with your business needs and experience streamlined payment processing that propels seamless growth.

Pricing for Payment Gateway

Europe pricing

Cards & eWallets

1.9% + 0,25 € per transaction



Multicurrency Payments

150+ currencies, 200+ countries

Payment Options

Traditional, digital and local payment methods

Setup fee


Monthly fee


70+ Plugins


3D Secure


Fondy Antifraud


Fondy Landings


Fondy Links


Fondy Invoice


Comprehensive Analytics


In strict compliance with financial regulators and government rules, the Fondy gateway will not provide its payment services to companies whose business is related to this list. Our licence and partner arrangements allow Fondy to onboard only entities that are registered within the Romania and EU.

Streamlined financial management and analytics

Effortless integration

Seamlessly integrate the Fondy gateway into your business infrastructure with our open API, which is compatible across all major CMS platforms. Comprehensive documentation and SDKs for iOS, Android, and React Native simplify your setup process, reducing technical overhead and enabling a quick start tailored to your specific needs.

Advanced money management

Master your financial operations with Fondy’s advanced financial tools. From automated payments and efficient handling of recurring charges to smart management of split and multiparty payouts, our platform not only supports instant settlements but also ensures adherence to the strictest security and compliance standards, preparing you for seamless scalability.

Enhanced visibility and control

Maintain precise control and gain deep insights into your financial activities with Fondy’s cutting-edge analytics. Benefit from detailed sales performance reports and customisable reporting tools, which empower you to track, manage, and analyse your financial data in real-time, thus bolstering your strategic decision-making.

Comprehensive payment solutions for growing businesses

Discover Fondy’s unified payment solutions that grow with your business. Our integrated services provide a robust platform for every stage of your business journey. Streamline operations, enhance security, and accelerate growth with solutions crafted for your unique needs.

Payment Acceptance

With the Fondy gateway, you gain the power to process payments in multiple local currencies, ensuring a smooth and personalised experience for your customers worldwide. Our system is designed for effortless integration, providing robust security and exceptional adaptability that empowers you to expand your market reach effortlessly.

Diverse Payment Options
Accept payments via VISA, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple pay, and digital wallets
Card Transaction FeesVisa, Mastercard
DE: 1.90%
EU: 1.90%
Non-EU: 3.20%
Blik payment merhod
Competitive FX Rates
Enjoy low currency conversion fees of 0.5% for global operations
Pre-Authorisation fee
0,25 €
Authorisation Fee
0,25 €
0,25 €
0,25 €
0,50 €
20,00 €
Retrieval request
15,00 €
15,00 €
40,00 €
OCT/Payout fee
2,00 €
Fraud prevention (Internal) (FPS)
0,50 €
Fraud prevention (External)

Partner KYC & KYB Checks

Secure and streamline your compliance processes with Fondy Identity, which is integrated directly into our Payment system. This powerful feature simplifies the KYC and KYB procedures, enhancing your operational efficiency and security. With Fondy Identity, automate the essential checks needed to build trustworthy business relationships and ensure compliance with both local and international standards, thus protecting your transactions from fraud and regulatory risks.

KYC Checks Fees
2 € per check
KYB Checks Fees
5 € per check
Rapid KYC Integration
Automate KYC processes to speed up onboarding and reduce errors
Advanced Fraud Prevention
Use state-of-the-art tools to detect and prevent fraud effectively
Global Compliance
Monitor sanctions and PEP lists in real-time

One Fondy payment gateway account – access to all platform products and features

International payments

Accept payments in over 150 currencies from 200+ countries. This flexibility ensures that you can handle payment processing rates globally, optimizing your business’s reach.

Adaptive payment page

Flexible in customization and enhances user experience. This can help reduce online payment charges by streamlining the checkout process.

Modern payment methods

Support for all popular local and global payment methods. With options like Google Pay pricing included, you can cater to a wide range of customer preferences.

One-click payments

Encrypted payment data for instant repeat payments. This feature simplifies the payment processing fee structure, making it more efficient for both you and your customers.

Ready payment calendar

Accept regular payments without writing a single line of code. This feature helps manage invoice charges seamlessly, ensuring regular cash flow.

Recurring payments

Deduct funds from bank cards using their token. This method ensures minimal payment charge on each transaction, improving profitability.

Split payments

Distribute the total purchase amount among partners. This is ideal for managing charges for payment gateway when working with multiple stakeholders.

Holding of payments

Freeze the order amount on the card for up to 25 days. This feature provides security and flexibility in managing payment fees and potential refunds.

Payment security

Proprietary self-learning security system Fondy.Antifraud™. This ensures that payment processing rates remain competitive while maintaining high security standards.

Abandoned cart service

Automatic reminders for incomplete purchases. This service helps recover lost sales and reduces the overall online payment processing fees.

Merchant portal

All the functionality for working with payments in a single interface. This portal provides clear visibility into all payment processing fee structures and payment charge details.

End-to-end analytics and reports

Real-time payments and comprehensive analytics on them. This feature gives you insights into payment gateway pricing and helps optimize your payment processing rates.

Start working with payments more easily and efficiently today

The Fondy gateway provides everything you need to grow your business. Our platform ensures competitive payment processing rates and minimal payment charges, making it easier for you to handle online payment processing fees efficiently.

Automatically through API

Prepare the necessary information and documents about your partners on your side to connect a large number of partners simultaneously. Our marketplace payments system supports bulk onboarding through API, making it easy to integrate multiple partners at once.

Create a merchant account

Provide detailed information about your project, including expected transaction volumes and the types of services you offer. This helps us tailor the payment processing fee structure to best suit your business needs. Be sure to include any special requirements related to payment charge management.

Wait for activation

Complete the moderation process, during which we ensure all necessary information is verified. Once this is done, sign a contract with us. This contract will outline all charges for payment gateway services, giving you a clear understanding of any charges involved.

Work with payments

Utilize the comprehensive suite of Fondy solutions that meet your business needs. Our platform supports various payment methods, ensuring seamless transactions with transparent online payment fees. Benefit from competitive payment processing rates, which help you manage costs effectively while focusing on growing your business.

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