Xero invoicing FONDY integration

 This payment gateway allows you do payments via FONDY.

Setup instructions

  1. Generate your personal payment link, to do this insert your Merchant id in field:

  2. Log in to your Xero dashboard and go to “Settings” -> “Payment Services

  3. Find “Other Available Payment Services” and click button “Add Other”, in dropdown list choose “Custom Payment Url”

  4. Insert URL from step 1 into “Your custom URL” field. After, enter the text in the “Pay now text” field, then click Save. The “Pay now text” will display as a button on the digital invoice. This button will be a link to the payment page.
  5. Activate your new payment gateway.
  6. Contact to support@fondy.eu with mail header – “Connect to xero” and CID (Your company id) in email body, you can get this CID in url link in “Accountig” -> “Reports” menu.

Connect to FONDY payment gateway
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