Fondy’s integration with Xero


  • Go to Xero Dashboard and select Settings > Payment Services.
  • Find “Other Available Payment Services”, click “Add Other” and choose “Custom Payment URL” in the dropdown list.
  • Fill all fields as required:
    • Name > “Fondy” or any other;
    • Your custom URL > insert your personal payment link, replacing “XXXXXXX” with your Fondy Merchant ID:[INVOICENUMBER]&currency=[CURRENCY]&amount=[AMOUNTDUE]&shortCode=[SHORTCODE]&merchant_id=XXXXXXX;
    • Pay now text > “Pay now” or any other.
  • Click “Save”.


  • Email us at with the header “Connect to Xero” and your CID (company ID) in body text, which you can get in the URL by selecting Accounting > Reports.


  • Add Fondy to your templates automatically or manually to additional invoices following this instruction.

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