WordPress payment gateway plugins

For everybody who wants to accept payments from clients on a WordPress website, we have developed a payment plugin by FONDY. It can be connected to the site within 5 minutes and provides its visitors with convenient options for paying for goods or services.

Content management system WordPress helps entrepreneurs with minimal technical knowledge to create for free convenient, functional websites and sell their products and services through them. The entrepreneur does not need to spend money on design and website development.
WordPress payment gateway

To install FONDY’s WordPress payment gateway plugins, select the online-store module that you use on your website. By clicking on the icon you will learn more about each module and receive installation instructions:

What do you get with FONDY payment gateway plugins for WordPress

After connecting the WordPress payment plugin to the site, your customers will be able to pay for purchases using bank cards, Internet banking. The ability to pay in a convenient way increases customer loyalty, frequency of purchases and helps entrepreneurs earn more.
FONDY platform accelerates the process of receiving and processing payments, supports more than 100 currencies, allowing a small company or freelancer to work with clients from all over the world and accept payments from customers from different countries.
CMS has a lot of training videos and articles, and with the WordPress payment plugin, you get documentation, access to online courses and useful information.

How does FONDY payment module for WordPress work

Selection of product/service
The client enters the online store, selects one or more positions. Next step is going to the payment page. With the FONDY platform, you can receive payment cards from any bank in the world.
Purchasing and payment
With online payment for WordPress, people can pay even being on the go. They can visit a website from a mobile device, enter credentials and instantly purchase goods.
Receiving money
The payment platform allows you to accept payments in 100 local currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, CZK . You can receive money on the personal card, the account of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur.
Scaling business
Receiving payments from customers from around the world, you will quickly enter the international market. Mobile application and detailed analytics will allow you to instantly make changes to the payment page, improving conversion.

How to start using a WordPress plugin for accept payments

FONDY — is a turnkey solution for this content management system. You need to select the appropriate module, depending on the tool that you use to manage your online store. Then simply download the WordPress payment module to your computer or install it through the marketplace.

In the control panel go to the "Plugins" section. Add and install the downloaded plugin. A corresponding tab will appear in the system; you only need to activate the acceptance of payments via FONDY.

The plugin has a lot of settings that help to customize the payment service for your own business. You can change the name and description, input fields, set the response script, even the style of the page with your own code.

WordPress payment plugin

FONDY's WordPress payment gateway plugins give a ton of benefits

Outrun competitors
WordPress allows you to create a website in 15 minutes — just select the template, install and perform its initial configuration. Attract potential buyers, while other companies spend months developing their sites.
Work without interruption
We work with many acquirers, which allows us to instantly switch to another service in case of unstable processing or failures. Thus, we ensure stable and reliable operation of the platform.
Enter the international market
With FONDY’s WordPress payment gateway plugins, you can start working with clients from all over the world in a couple of minutes. Payments for goods/services are accepted in EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, CZK and hundreds of other currencies in the countries of the European Union.
Protect business
The FONDY service has its own antifraud system. It automatically rejects fraudulent transactions, preserving the conversion of successful money transfers. The algorithm is based on hundreds of criteria and provides high transaction security. The delay in processing 95% of payments does not exceed 300 milliseconds.

WordPress online payments — business promotion without investments

FONDY is a modern payment platform that enables businesses to simplify the process of accepting payments from customers and save the company's budget. By connecting the WordPress online payment acceptance module to the site, you can easily grow your business without being distracted by technical details. With FONDY you will receive:

  • automation of online payments (bank cards, online banking) — instant check of registers and acts, automatic reporting;
  • quick receipt of funds — on the next day after the payment was made;
  • support for cards of popular European and American banks;
  • additional payment creation methods — payment button and online invoicing;
  • additional functions — managing the structure of the payment page, detailed analytics for each transaction.

What other CMS are supported

WordPress is not the only content management system for sites. We have developed payment modules for OpenCart, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS. Each of them has detailed installation instructions with screenshots.

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