Payment module for 1C Bitrix


The payment module for Bitrix 1C is suitable for the following versions: Small Business, Business and Business, Web Cluster. This system is created using the programming language PHP5 and is designed for receiving payments. The mySQL database is used.

Download pluin

The folder “fondy.fondy” from the folder with the appropriate encoding (utf-8, win-1251) should be placed in {Site root directory}/bitrix/modules/

Then activate module (http://{your site}/bitrix/admin/partner_modules.php?lang=ru).


  1. Go to the admin panel of the online store.
  2. Go to the “Payment Systems” page (“Store” -> “Store Settings” -> “Payment Systems”).
  3. Click on the button “Add payment system”
  4. nter details about the payment system.
  5. Go to the tab (“Individuals” or “Legal persons”) and fill in the blank fields
  6. Then activate the payment system, and click “Save”

In your merchant’s settings of the Fondy acquiring, you should specify a link where return the status of the payment to the page Now you can accept payments.

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