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Use our In-app solution to accept payments on mobile


Enhance your customers’ in-store experience by also providing them with the option to make purchases through your app or mobile website.

In-App Payments

With a mobile app, merchants can create an additional touchpoint for their customers to increase sales by providing them with an extra channel to shop, and the convenience of paying via the app which improves their overall shopping experience. 

Benefits include:

  • Simple integration into your mobile app 
  • Collect payments instantly
  • Accept payments in a range of local payment methods and currencies 
  • Compatible for Android or iOS 
  • Customise the checkout for your app, using our development kits for Android, iOS and React Native

NFC Mobile Payments

The Fondy platform supports NFC technology which lets merchants accept in-store contactless payments via mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay, as well as contactless cards.

NFC (near field communication) allows two devices to talk to each other when in close proximity. The technology has been around for decades in various guises but these days is being used more and more for contactless payments and by the likes of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay so smartphones can be used to purchase goods. 

A mobile device and an NFC-enabled point-of-sale system communicate encrypted information to each other in order to process a payment without the need for physical contact – hence “near”. The transaction takes just seconds. 

Fondy’s technology allows a merchant to accept NFC payments securely and quickly, making it a very convenient option for their business.

Benefits of using NFC:

  • Easy and convenient
  • Safe and secure
  • Strengthens customer engagement
  • Cost effective for smaller merchants
  • Collect payments instantly
  • Accept payments in a variety of payment methods and multiple currencies
  • Avail of NFC technology at ‘brick and mortar’ pay points

Mobile checkout

Simple iOS, Android and React Native SDKs and responsive mobile design:


Our iOS SDK – compatible with iOS 8.0 upwards – lets you natively integrate your mobile app with Fondy’s payment processing.


You can integrate your Android (14 and upwards) app with our solution.

React Native

Using our React Native library, you can set up any design and appearance for your payment form for both Android and iOS. We support React Native from version 0.29 upwards.

Mobile web

Adaptive layout making your checkout page seamlessly work with your mobile site. Suitable for businesses whose customers mainly use the mobile version of the website.

How it Works 

  • iOS SDK, Android SDK and React Native SDK allow you to accept payments from Visa/MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay in any of your iOS applications, Android applications and React applications, respectively.
  • To enable Apple Pay: 1) On the Apple Developer site, register your Merchant ID to enable your app to process transactions for goods and services; 2) Generate an Apple Pay Payment Processing Certificate for each registered Merchant ID to validate transactions with your app. 
  • To enable Google Pay: 1) Ensure you use approved branding as specified by Google Pay Android or Web brand guidelines; 2) Follow Google Pay activation instructions according to the integration type, i.e. mobile app (Java or React Native), merchant-hosted or Fondy hosted payment page, etc.; 3) Obtain Google Pay application approval.
  • At brick and mortar point of sale terminals, shoppers can make Contactless in-store payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay or React wallet on their mobile device. The payment terminal interfaces with the ‘wallet’ app through near-field communication (NFC). 

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