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Request payments instantly with our payment link

If you’re looking for a fast and easy method to request a payment, we’ve given you the ability to quickly generate a payment link which can then be sent to your customers through emails, Instant Messenger or SMS. This is the perfect solution for smaller businesses and anyone who doesn’t fully understand the world of payment processing or e-commerce.

No need for a website

Communicate any payment requests directly to your customers for any upcoming payment reminders, regular subscription services or integrate the link payment into your invoices.

Merchants who use QR codes can use the payment link to send to customers via their preferred communication channel (email, SMS, or Instant Messenger) to proceed with their payment.


  • No website or payment page required
  • Ideal for over the phone virtual terminal payments a.k.a. MOTO
  • Supports various customer communication channels 
  • Quickest way to get paid
  • May be used in combination with an existing Fondy payment integration

How it works:

  • Use the secure Fondy Merchant Portal to generate a payment link and submit the link to a customer 
    • Requires Merchant ID and Payment Key
    • Specify amount, currency and country 
  • Link may be embedded in PDF Invoice, sent by email, instant messenger or by SMS
  • Customer selects the link which displays a secure payment page hosted by Fondy with several payment options; the hosted payment page works on many different devices
  • Customer completes payment 
  • Fondy’s payment gateway accepts the payment from the customer’s wallet or card, etc.
  • External payment system returns payment results to the payment gateway 
  • Payment gateway notifies merchant about payment status 
  • Merchant confirms payment with customer on the hosted payment page

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