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Fondy payment platform opens two new offices in Europe

Fondy payment platform exhibits sustainable progressive growth and expands its presence in the countries of Europe. Along with the offices in Latvia and the Czech Republic the company opened the offices in the UK and Slovakia.

One of Fondy priorities is to lower the entry barriers in the fintech industry and simplify the problem of business expansion to the international markets.

Today more than 1500 internet merchants trust Fondy while more than 30% of the turnover is generated by an innovative SaaS solution that allows any business to start accepting payments globally in several days.

Cloud technologies have been used in our daily lives for a long time and we often do not even notice it. We entrust our personal files to Dropbox, websites and apps to Amazon AWS and Google Apps and professional profiles to LinkedIn.

Now it is the time for cloud technologies in the field of payments.

Fondy platform offers a White Label solution for any business that needs to accept payments of providing financial services to its clients. Like with Dropbox you do not need to bother with buying a new hard drive and back it up and with Amazon you have no need to hire a team of technical experts to support the existing infrastructure, Fondy will solve all complex, expensive and labor-intensive financial and IT tasks:

  • setting up the company and bank accounts in Europe
  • integration with banks and processing systems in Europ on the basis of a single technological solution
  • acceptance of Visa and Mastercard payment on the websites and mobile apps with a white label payment page
  • a white label merchant control panel, analytics and reports
  • multifunctional open payment API
  • international and multi-currency internet acquiring
  • technical, financial and legal support

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