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, Author: Fondy

Solution for internet providers: how to open the client access to the payment pages with a negative balance

Everyone faced the situation of a zero or even negative balance of an internet provider client while any attempt to top up the account with a card leads to unavailable bank’s web page at some stage.

This happens because the banks issuing the cards by default activate 3DSecure service for their cards and there are thousands of these banks in the world. In turn an internet provider can white list the IP address of the bank, the payment gateway of which is connected to the processing of the cards and it is rather difficult to know, the cards of which banks will be used to pay for the services and on which domains these banks locate the 3DSecure  page.

Our project on github lists the domains and IP addresses of the majority banks in the world by country. Adding the required addresses to the white list on the provider’s side will lead the whole payment cycle from entering the card number to 3DSecure password without paid traffic.

The list is updated but if you need to request IP addresses regularly start the script

>python2.7 get_ips.py

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