Automated payments

Recurring payments as your optimal solution for nonstop payments

Start accepting recurring subscription payments and setting up scheduled charges in just minutes. Take advantage of seamless recurring payments, even if the customer has reissued their card. Spend more time running your business and developing new products, while Fondy gateway takes care of your recurring monthly payments from all over the world.

Payment solution for regular billing and scheduled payments from your customers

Recurring payments (repeat or auto-payments) are a convenient tool for regular payments that do not require the buyer to enter their bank card details, confirm the transaction, or perform other routine actions each time. Auto-payments will be deducted by default through credit card data tokenization until the customer decides to disable them.

This is the ideal solution for subscription-based businesses: cloud services, membership platforms, news sites, OTT and hosting providers, educational portals, as well as charitable and volunteer organizations.

Recurring payments are convenient for customers and beneficial for businesses

For the customer

1. With service Fondy, your Lithuanian or global customers can pay for subscriptions using any convenient method and in local currency.
2. A native payment process on any device and localization ensure a better user experience.
3. Multi-level end-to-end encryption guarantees the security of personal information and bank card payment data.

For the business

1. Accept recurring payments from Lithuania and over 200 other countries in any currency using bank cards and more, on your website, without a website, and in mobile apps.
2. Reduce customer churn with recurring charges, email notifications for unsuccessful payments, and automatic card data updates.
3. End-to-end analytics on revenue, customer growth, churn, and many other metrics through automated reports.

How it works for your service subscribers

Product selection

To subscribe, the customer navigates to the payment page. It adapts to the region of payment, displaying the available payment methods.

Subscription payment

The customer subscribes to your service with a few clicks and pays in a convenient way by entering their bank card details.

Regular billing

Done, the customer is with you. Their subscription will continue by default: after the paid term, the recurring payment will be automatically deducted from the credit card. The customer can disable the deduction at any time.

Two recurring payment solutions for different business goals, choose the optimal one for you

Ready-made payment calendar from Fondy

Set up recurring payments in just a few clicks without needing any additional integrations. In your Fondy personal account, generate a payment button, select the payment type as recurring, specify the amount, subscription type (period or quantity), start/end date, and other necessary parameters. Use the generated payment button as it suits you: integrate it into your sales channels or send it as a payment link to the customer in a personal message. After the first payment, recurring deductions are our responsibility. This solution is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that want to set up recurring payments quickly, without additional development and expenses. For example, it is perfect for info courses with a website on CMS or charitable foundations.

Customised scheduled debits

Use API integration if you have a large business, many clients, and need a flexible approach to recurring deductions. By connecting recurring payments, you will manage billing yourself, automatically setting the date, time, and trigger for initiating the payment. Additionally, deductions can be executed not only according to a predefined schedule but also when the balance on the client’s account drops below a certain limit. For example, this model is suitable for most cloud products, such as On-Demand services.

Recurring payments for your business growth and payment automation

Easy integration

Start accepting recurring payments quickly – no programming or development required. Our user-friendly platform allows you to set up recurring billing in minutes, simplifying your payment process. Enjoy seamless integration with your existing systems and start benefiting from automated payments immediately.

Any billing model

Choose the optimal model for your business to deduct funds from your customer’s card or electronic wallet. Whether you prefer monthly, quarterly, or annual billing cycles, our flexible system supports various payment frequencies. This adaptability ensures that your customers can choose the most convenient payment schedule, enhancing their overall experience.

High conversion

Increase your revenue with high conversion rates – up to 98% of Fondy payments are successful. Our advanced payment gateway ensures secure and efficient transactions, minimizing the risk of failed payments. By leveraging our robust infrastructure, you can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to sustained business growth.

Already with the Fondy processing?

The ready-made payment calendar from Fondy gateway is available in your personal account and can be set up right now. To connect custom scheduled deductions, contact our support service – they will assist you in connecting recurring payments via API.

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