Win more sales with a simpler eCommerce payment gateway

Fondy helps take your customer experience to the next level by making eCommerce super-quick and easy for everyone. Our payment gateway for online shops is super simple to set up and gives you total control, while your customers benefit from a smooth checkout experience.

Easy integration

So simple you can start trading the same day

Complete flexibility

Currencies and payment methods customers want

Keep it local

Provide a seamless customer checkout experience

Convert more customers

Fondy’s eCommerce payment gateway maximises your sales revenue and increases the chance of converting a sale by giving customers a better payment experience across every platform.

Multiplatform payments

The Fondy gateway integrates with all channels from websites to social media and mobile apps

Global reach

We process payments in 150+ currencies and accept over 300 payment methods

Local language

Ensure your payment page automatically defaults to your online shop customer’s local language

Easy one-click payments

Our ClickToPay button simplifies the way you accept payments on your online shop, website, social media platform or app. Simply add the button – there’s no developer or design knowledge required – and start collecting more payments.

Secure payment link

Request instant payment by simply sending your customers a handy payment link via email, SMS or instant messenger or integrate it into an invoice.

Recurring payments for online shop

Boost sales and simplify the way you manage your repeat customers. Collect regular or subscription payments with our fully secure, tokenised card storage services through bank transfers, direct debit or card payments.

Simple split payments for marketplaces and

Save on time and admin by streamlining payments to your partners and suppliers. Split payments how you want, automate the process and accept payments in local currencies.

Payment Splitting




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A checkout setup to suit you and your customers

Select from a straightforward API integration to a build-your-own interface – our setup options keep things simple and your customers happy.

var Options = {
  options: {
    methods: ['card', 'banklinks_eu', 'wallets', 'local_methods'],
    methods_disabled: [],
    default_country: 'DE',
    card_icons: ['mastercard', 'visa', 'maestro'],
    active_tab: 'card',
    fields: true,
    title: 'Checkout',
    link: 'https://sportik.example',
    full_screen: true,
    button: true,
    email: false
  params: {
    merchant_id: 1234567,
    required_rectoken: 'y',
    currency: 'EUR',
    amount: 500,
    order_desc: 'Demo order'
fondy("#checkout-container", Options);

Customer stories

Everything in our store – from the brands to the products are of the utmost quality. We strive for perfection from start to checkout. The Fondy gateway support us to maintain our high standards.

Evgenij Prichko

COO, Helen Marlen Group

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