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From then to now

At Fondy, payments are not just a process, they are a FLOW that surrounds you with multiple benefits and convenient features including multi-currency, a wide variety of payment methods. We started developing payment solutions in 2019 because too many business leaders are still worrying about how they manage their multi currency payments flow from acceptance of the payments and till payouts to third parties.

We designed a friction free platform where payments will flow freely from consumers to recipients in a stream that is uninterrupted by complicated iterations with multiple parties and documents. Fast forward to today and Fondy is now one of the leading payment service providers, partnering with start-ups, market leading enterprises and everyone in between.

What drives us

Our goal is to make more businesses happier, starting with the payment flows. We are on a mission to remove all complexities from online payments, making them seamless, friction free and cost effective. This way entrepreneurs can focus on their vision, while growing and expanding their operation without high cost.

Valeriia Vahorovska

Co-founder & CEO, Fondy

Like you, we hate chat bots!

So you won’t find any on our platform. You’re guaranteed to speak to one of our qualified specialists in your preferred language and timezone. We’re inspired everyday by the innovative, customer-focused businesses that we partner with and we aim to be the same.

Valeriia Vahorovska

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Vianna

Product Owner

Thelma Dhlovu

Head of Marketing

Pierluigi Ponticello

Head of Support

Fondy in numbers

As a one stop payment platform, Fondy understands the need for businesses to be flexible and to accept various payment methods in a variety of currencies, which is why our cross border feature ensures the option to access funds instantly and transfer to multiple third parties.

200+ countries covered

We’re there, wherever your customers are today or tomorrow

150+ currencies accepted

Just about every currency in the world today

300+ payment methods offered

However your customers want to pay, they can

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