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Customise your payment checkout for you and your customers

Provide your customers with a smooth and efficient purchasing process while boosting your sales using Fondy’s fully customisable payment checkout page. With our solution, you can tailor the online checkout system to fit your brand and meet the specific needs of your clientele. Whether it’s a simple checkout or a more detailed hosted checkout page, Fondy ensures a seamless transition from shopping cart to order completion, helping you achieve higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

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On message and on brand

Customise your entire payment checkout page to perfectly align with your brand’s identity, from design, imagery, and colour scheme to typefaces and logo. This level of personalisation helps to build customer trust and significantly reduces cart abandonment. You can easily modify the checkout form and your sales messaging whenever necessary, ensuring a consistent and trustworthy online checkout experience for your customers. Additionally, adapting your checkout solution to reflect your brand’s ethos enhances the overall shopping experience, encouraging repeat business and customer loyalty.

Keeping it local

Wherever your customers are around the world the Fondy service ensures they are given the comfort of a local payment experience.

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Local language

Enhance the checkout page experience by automatically setting the payment checkout page to a customer’s local language. This not only improves user convenience but also reduces the number of clicks required during the checkout process, eliminating potential points of friction and enhancing the online checkout system.

Local currency

The Fondy service supports payments in over 150 currencies, allowing your customers to pay in their preferred currency. This flexibility is crucial for providing a seamless ecommerce checkout solution, ensuring customers feel confident and comfortable during their transactions, ultimately leading to higher satisfaction and lower cart abandonment rates.

Local payment methods

We offer a selection of over 300 payment methods and utilize geolocation to present the most relevant local options for your customers. They will automatically see familiar payment choices, including local cards, internet banking, and eWallets such as Apple and Google Pay, alongside global debit and credit cards. This ensures a smooth website checkout experience. Additionally, returning customers will be shown their previously chosen payment option, making the checkout process even faster and more convenient. By providing a variety of checkout solutions, we help streamline the online checkout system, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customizable design

Style the payment checkout page to match your brand – choose from 200+ color templates for the card checkout form, two themes, and the option to upload your logo. This ensures a cohesive and professional look that enhances your website checkout experience.

Field, button, and tab configurator

Edit the payment checkout page elements as you wish, activate and deactivate connected payment methods, and change their display order. This flexibility allows you to customize your checkout solution to meet the specific needs of your business and customers.

Real-time changes

Preview how the payment checkout page will look on different devices – all changes are instantly reflected in our builder. This real-time editing capability ensures that your online checkout system is always optimized for user experience across various platforms.

Recurring card payments

Use the built-in payment calendar in the checkout page if you run a subscription-based business or accept donations. This feature simplifies the checkout process for recurring transactions, making it easier for your customers to manage their payments.

Custom or fixed amount

Specify the payment amount on your side or let the payer enter the amount themselves at checkout, for example, if accepting donations. This flexibility in the checkout form caters to different business models and customer preferences.

Unlimited quantity

Create as many payment checkouts as you need with different settings, then connect them to payment buttons, links, and QR codes. This scalability ensures that your ecommerce checkout solutions can grow with your business, providing a seamless and efficient online checkout experience.

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