Platobná brána ZenCart: najlepší platobný modul

Platobná brána ZenCart: najlepší platobný modul

Download the payment module by the link

Pokyny na inštaláciu platobnej brány ZenCart:

  1. Expand the module.
  2. Copy and paste files to the site root folder

It SHOULDN’T re record any existing files or folders. In case you are worry about it – copy chosen files according to the instructions below

  1. Log in to the admin system Zen Cart
  2. Using the main menu, go to the menu Modules -> Payment
  3. Choose the payment method “FONDY”, click on it.
  4. Press the button “Install” on the right dashboard.
  5. Change the value for an option “ON FONDY” to “True”.
  6. Scroll down to the right dashboard bellow and press the button “Refresh”.

Pripojte sa k platobnej brány FONDY A zarobte si viac!