Platobná brána Drupal

Platobná brána Drupal

Drupal – CMS for web applications, which is protected by the GPL license. The system is written with the PHP programming language. Drupal is suitable for creating blogs, forums, news sites. In order to accept payment on the site, you need to download the payment module from Fondy acquiring.

Instructions for installing the payment gateway for Drupal ubercart

Download here

  1. Copy and paste the uc_fondy module into the directory”\sites\all\modules\ubercart\payment”
  2. Log in through Admin Panel in Drupal and modules -> Payment. Select Fondy and click Save.
  3. Go to the Admin panel -> Configuration -> Payment settings -> Payment methods and activate Fondy.
  4. Select Fondy Settings (at the bottom of the page). Enter the merchant ID, secret key, and back url — http://{your_site}/fondy/back_url

Advantages of Fondy payment service for Drupal?

  1. Comfortable management. The module from the Fondy aggregator allows you to make changes to the Drupal CMS in a short time.
  2. Connection is via api.
  3. A wide range of options for Drupal. The structure, advertising and sales can be managed without additional technical knowledge.
  4. Reliable work for receiving payments 24/7.
  5. Support for more than 100 currencies from maps from around the world.
  6. Cloud Storage Support
  7. 24-hour technical support

Instructions for installing the payment module for Drupal commerce

Unzip the archive “{your_site}/admin/modules/install”

  1. Log in to the Administrator panel and set -> “COMMERCE (PAYMENT) FONDY”. Click save.

  2. Configure the Fondy payment gateway.. Скриншот

  3. Enter data from your personal account. 
    Platobná brána Drupal - nastavenie

The payment module for CMS Drupal from the Fondy aggregator allows you to automate the process of accepting payments from electronic wallets and any bank cards.

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