Personal Cabinet

We have created for you a convenient, beautiful and simple personal cabinet that includes a lot of important and useful functionality for each business:

  • view and download analytics for the desired period (financial reporting, data about payment systems, decline codes, turnover and conversion) in formats that are convenient for you (Excel, CSV)
  • payment management (convenient search of payments, transaction analysis, implementation of returns, confirmation of holdings, etc.).
  • tools for receiving payments (detailed API technical documentation, payment button generator, invoicing)
  • management of your store settings (setting up e-mail reporting, commissioning from the client, setting up the language of the payment page, and much more)
  • role managament – the ability to create users with different access rights to the personal cabinet (for example – operator, manager, accountant, administrator, director, etc.)

Analytics will help you to answer many questions related to business and its profitability:

track online all your payments and the status of their refunds, see the number of declined payments, conversion on your site.

Learn what payment instruments your customers prefer

analyze the main causes of refusals on payments and make a decision that will further increase the conversion or solve a technical problem

to know turnover in terms of amounts and number of payments


Invoicing service will allow you to send an invoice to an e-mail or in the format of a link to any other place (messenger) in the minutes. You can set the lifetime of the invoice (the user will be able to pay for it for the specified period of time), use hold for payment, as well as carry out massive dispatch of invoices in 1 click.

Personal design of the payment page

For those who need a personal design of the payment page, we envisaged the possibility of creating an unlimited number of design templates and editing them. You can correct styles, add a logo and much more for your payment page directly in your account, it’s enough to have minimal knowledge of css.


Detailed Reports

In your personal account you can always find the payments that were made through your shop, including incompleted, reverses, filter them by type, and also download the report for all reimbursements that were made for you.

All reports are saved and you can always download them again in 1 click.

Payment buttons

If you do not have a developer in the state, or you have an ordinary HTML website or blog, we can offer you a simple and fast tool to start accepting payments – Button.

Just a couple of clicks and you have a ready-made HTML-code of a payment button that you can paste on your blog or in the CMS on which your site is created and you can already accept payments.

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