iOS Payment Gateway: the best payment system

iOS Payment Gateway: the best payment system

What is a iOS payment gateway? We developed SDK for iOS platform that allows you to integrate Visa and MasterCard payment forms to your mobile app. SDK complies with all security requirements of PCI DSS standard, so you will not have to certify your app. iOS payment gateway from FONDY payment system ensures secure transfer and storage of card data.

Using our library you can set up any design and appearance for the ios payment gateway so that it looks native to your app.

The mobile version of the FONDY’s iOS payment gateway offers the same capabilities of the web-version:

  • regular iOS payments
  • linking the card token
  • checking the payments status
  • reports in the control panel
  • card verification
  • pre-authorization and payment completion
  • call backs
  • branding of payment form styles
  • transfers to cards

You can find more technical information in the documentation section. We also offer SDK versions for Android and React Native.

A template of the code development is also discussed in our blog.

How iOS payment system may look:

iOS Payment Gateway: screenshot

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