WooCommerce payment gateway. Connection and settings

woocommerce payment gateway

WooCommerce payment gateway from FONDY Unified Payment Platform allows you to receive payments from customers. Connect in minutes. WooCommerce payment systems have never been so accessible! With this payment module for WordPress WooCommerce, you will be able to accept payments directly on your site or online store.

How to add WooCommerce payment method? Download the WooCommerce payment gateway by the link

Instructions for installing the WooCommerce payment gateway

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the plug-in installed WooCommerce (WooCommerce 2.0+)
  2. Unzip this plugin into the directory /wp-content/plugins/(or install the attached archive through the admin panel)
  3. Activate the payment plugin in the “Plugins” menu

Configuring FONDY’s payment plugin. WooCommerce payment settings

  1. Enter «WooCommerce > Settings > Payments»
  2. Enter tab«FONDY».If it does not exist, activate the plugin.
  3. Enable this payment method (Enable). Call it “Online Payments”.
  4. Fill in the fields Merchant Key and Merchant Salt with the data received from fondy.eu.
  5. Select Return Page where you will send the users to the payment system after payment.
  6. Save settings

woocommerce payment settings

Why choose the WooCommerce payment gateway from FONDY?

  1. Simple management on WordPress WooCommerce. The payment module from the FONDY payment system allows you to quickly make changes to the WordPress CMS. Connection is via api.
  2. Advanced functionality for WooCommerce. You can easily manage the structure, advertising, sales.
  3. High performance and stable operation for uninterrupted payment acceptance.
  4. Support for more than 100 currencies from cards from around the world.
  5. Support for cloud storage for high speed downloads of multimedia files.
  6. Technical support24/7

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