MODX payment gateway: the best payment module

MODX payment gateway: the best payment module

ModX payment gateway – the best solution for ecommerce that works on MODX. This is a popular content management system for website development. You can easily manage content on the website and online store.

FONDY payment gateway enables you to accept payments from all over the world through bank cards, electronic wallets and terminals. So, you expand the geography of your customers.

After downloading and installing the payment module from FONDY acquiring, you can be sure of the security of payments, thanks to a reliable system of protection – Anti-fraud.

FONDY payment service guarantees safe and convenient payment acceptance on ModX. The installation is simple and does not require a narrow technical knowledge. You can start accepting payments in a short time.

ModX payment gateway for revo minishop2

Download the payment module for ModX here

Instructions for installing ModX payment gateway:

  1. Copy the assets and core directory to the root of the modx system.
  2. In the admin panel of Modx go to: Applications -> Minishop2 -> Settings -> Payment methods -> Create
  3. Fill in all the fields, in the Handler class field, specify fondy.

file for editingcore/components/minishop2/custom/payment/fondy.class.php
at the top fill the fields:

MERCHANT_ID — can be found in account FONDY SECRET_KEY —can be found in account FONDY SUCCESS_URL —link to go to the page after a successful payment
and update the file on the server.

Features of ModX payment gateway from FONDY

  1. Comfortable management of CMS. The module from the FONDY aggregator allows you to quickly make changes to the CMS ModX.
  2. Connection via api.
  3. Wide possibilities for ModX. Simple and fast management of the structure, sales and advertising.
  4. Round-the-clock reception of payments.
  5. Support 100 currencies from bank cards from around the world.
  6. Working with cloud storage to download multimedia files.
  7. 24-hour tech support

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