Integration with the web stores construction platform Ecwid

Ecwid is a modern web-store builder. A person without any programming skills can easily create a web-store and place it on her website, blog or social network profile.

Payment setup manual

  1. Adding payment method from Ecwid control panel.

 1.1 Select Payment tab
 1.2 Select Credit Card: Authorize.Net SIM

  1. Open technical settings of Fondy merchant and fill the data accordingly:
    • API Login Id — merchant ID
    • Transaction Key —  Payment key
    • MD5 Hash Value —  Payment key
    • Sginature Key — 
      (To generate, you need to insert the “Payment key” in the field, click the “Generate” button and copy the resulting value)

    • Transaction Type —  Authorize and Capture
    • Endpoint URL —

    2.1. Save settings.

    1. If the settings were correct, a new payment method will appear

    2. After a successful payment, the order status should change for Paid.

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