Fast start : The payment button

A payment button is the easiest way to make a profit. Place the button in any convenient place on the site. By clicking on the payment button, the customer will automatically go to the payment page

All payment methods in one button:

Install the Payment button right now

Copy the ready code or link to your site
    <style scoped>
        @import url("//");
    <a class="btn btn-lg btn-success" target="_blank" href="">
        <i class="fa fa-credit-card"></i> payment page                                        </a>

Advantages of online-acquiring from Fondy

  • Quick connection
    Connect to the system in just 15 minutes
  • Individual form
    Create a payment button and a payment page that will best match your business. Add additional fields, necessary information to the payment page.
  • Multiplatform
    Receiving payments from any platform: smartphones, tablets, game consoles, computers. Adaptive payment page will help increase the number of payments and the average check.
  • Convenience for customers
    Payment tools are convenient and intuitive to customers. Comfortable and fast payment will encourage buyers to return to your website or online store
  • Custom design
    Create your own design of a payment button and page or use a ready-made template. All in order for the payment process to be most comfortable for customers
  • Payment calendar
    Regular payments - it's easy! Set the type of button - "Regular payment", install it to your site/blog, select the period, the amount and FONDY will debit money from customer's card and credited to your account on time.

Who needs a payment button

For anyone who wants to start accepting payments right now with a minimum efforts!

  • Bloggers, streamers, donate-button sites, sites without their own shopping cart
  • Hosting and service providers, taxi, dating, game developers and mobile applications
  • Retail, financial, microcredit and charitable organizations

A wide range of integration types

Payment using an iFrame or JS widget is the safest method for the payer and very convenient for the merchant. Regardless of what kind of technical solutions you use (for example, you have a self-written site, a specific CMS, a blog or don't have any internet page), and also how it looks - FONDY has a solution for every taste:

  • API (full integration)

    API is a service for developers intended for performing payment transactions, generating reports and monitoring payments on in the server side or the merchant application. Suitable for both PCI DSS-certified and non-certified projects

    Go to API description

  • iFrame of payment page

    Payment using iFrame or JS-widget - the most secure method for the payer and convenient for the site or online store

    Show example

  • Integration with CMS

    The Fondy payment module offers ready-made integration with a large number of popular and not very CMS, which will greatly facilitate the connection of payment acceptance

    Full list of supported CMS

  • Invoice

    The availability of a website or an online store is not a mandatory requirement for the start of payment acceptance. You will be able to invoice on e-mail, in sms or messenger while your site is under construction - just send a short link to your client

    Issue an invoice

  • Mobile DSK

    Seamless integration of the payment button in iOS and Android mobile applications will improve the conversion of successful purchases and will give advantages of all the functionality of the payment API

    Mobile DSK

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