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Choosing the best eCommerce platform to suit your online store

Choosing the best eCommerce platform to suit your online store

In this blog post, we discuss alternative solutions to in-house development of an online store or eCommerce website. We discuss the benefits and shortcomings to consider when choosing a CMS for your online shopping business. Whatever online shopping solution you choose, Fondy can help you accept online payments from your shoppers/customers/buyers.

With such a variety of ready-made solutions, it is relatively quick and simple for small and medium-sized merchants to set up an online shop and accept payments. The challenge is knowing what is the best eCommerce platform solution for your needs.

See Fondy’s plugins for 30+ popular CMS, each with detailed procedures to help you get set up.

Top Open Source eCommerce Platforms

An open source content management system (CMS) is considered ‘shareware’ and open source solutions have a community of developers who modify a given CMS for a niche market or region.

  • WordPress with WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce CMS systems with more than 5 million installations. It includes support for multiple languages and offers subscriptions with paid membership as well as exclusive (restricted content) subscriptions.

  • Magento features among the most popular free open source CMS systems for online retail and has a large community who contribute to its many free and paid extensions.

  • Drupalranks as the most functional CMS system in the world and is localised to more than 100 languages.

  • As of 2019, Joomla was estimated to be the fourth most used content management system on the Internet, after WordPress and Drupal.

Fondy provides plugins for WordPress WooCommerce, Magento, Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop and many others.


• Out-of-box solution

• Built-in SEO and marketing tools

• Integrates with existing accounting

• Quick installation and configuration (requires experienced developer or web studio)

• Lower costs than in-house development


• Requires maintenance for bespoke functionality

• Requires server for CMS installation and IT staff for maintenance and support

• May require purchase of additional plug-ins

Time to launch

2 to 12 months


From £385/€420/$500 per month

Cloud/Software as a Service (SaaS): Top 4 Platforms

A cloud solution in the form of an online store builder or a landing page is a popular eCommerce platform for small or medium-sized businesses to launch quickly. You can connect to the Fondy payment gateway using a payment button or embedded payment page on the cloud-based CMS sites mentioned here (as well as many others):

  • Wixis ​​one of the world’s leading cloud builders; a large set of templates, plug-in applications and extensions, a convenient, simple visual editor and mobile optimisation.

  • Ecwidis an online store builder that helps you quickly launch a store and start selling.

  • Shopifyis the second most popular eCommerce platform in the world in terms of the number of unique sites.

  • Webliumis a 2-in-1 website building platform that combines the advantages of a design studio and a website builder from the renowned company TemplateMonster.


• Cloud-based so there’s no need for server installation and IT team

• Ideal solution for a quick start

• Landing page or online store can be made in just a few hours

• Offers an contemporary selection of design templates

• Ready-made virtual editor and admin panel manages the catalogue of goods and services, shopping cart, payment services and shipping etc.

• Fully-responsive for mobile devices


• Cloud service provider may not agree to additional improvements if not required by other users in community

• Difficulties with SEO optimisation may occur

• Designed for small projects, not ideal for scaling a large online store

• No traffic from the start, you need to create your own

• May need additional design services to distinguish the site’s look and feel if other online stores are using the same design template

Time to launch

1 day to 1 month


  • Shopify from US £22/€25/$29 to £230/€250/$299 per month

  • Ecwid from 0 to £75/€80/$99 per month

  • Wix from £3/€3/$4 to £18/€20/$24 per month

  • Weblium from $0 to £13/€14/$17 per month

Best Commercial eCommerce Platforms

While commercial solutions are more expensive, minimal IT staff is required. The difference between commercial systems and open source ones is that the installation, configuration and refinement of new functionality are managed by the CMS vendor and their experienced team.

In this case, the trade off is minimal IT overhead with lack of control in implementing your own new features.


• Modifications are made by the vendor

• Technical support and update from the vendor

• Minimal IT staff required

• Generallygood SEO optimisation

• Adapted to the regional market and business niche


• Little development flexibility

• Fewer opportunities to add new features due to vendor control

• Server required to install CMS

• Requires IT staff for maintenance and support

• Additional modules and plugins that are not included in the licensed installation must be purchased separately

Time to launch

2 to 12 months


  • 1C-Bitrix from US £38/€42/$50 to £77/€84/$100 per month

  • CS-Cart from £300/€330/$390 to £610/€670/$790 per month

  • Shop-Script from £57/€62/$74 to £416/€455/$540 per month

  • Simpla CMS from £300/€333/$395 per month

Connect to the Fondy Payment Gateway

Once you’re set up using Fondy’s payment gateway, you can accept payments using various methods including credit and debit cards, bank payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other local payments in multiple currencies on your site without redirecting to an external website.

Fondy’s payment gateway is fully PCI DSS compliant and handles sensitive payment details securely, thus reducing your compliance requirements. Fondy’s solution uses tokenisation for stored payment card details, adheres to Address Verification System (AVS) checks as well as 3DS/3DS2 authentication according to card issuer and regional regulation.

See Fondy’s plugins for 30+ popular CMS, each with detailed procedures to help you get set up.

*Cost amounts are approximate and subject to change by CMS companies


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