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Accept payments with a click

Accept payments with a click

Giving your customers the best possible online experience – from entering your website, mobile app or social media platform – is a guaranteed way to see return sales and reduce any risk of cart abandonment.

Here at Fondy we’ve developed ClickToPay and our payment link options as attractive and simple methods of paying for items which can be used on websites, mobile apps or through platforms such as Facebook or Instagram – the latter giving merchants an opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers.

Simplicity and clarity are key

Most customers know what they want to purchase and want to do this quickly and easily while being presented with their optimal payment method, which is why we’ve developed our ClickToPay button which can easily be added to your platform.

And we’ve given merchants the ability to quickly generate a payment link which can be sent to customers through emails, embedded in a PDF invoice or sent via Instant Messenger or SMS.

We’ve thought about you as a merchant and what we can do to allow you to give your customers the best possible user experience when paying.

We’ve considered the costs involved with hiring designers or developers or needing technical knowledge and we’ve eliminated these by developing ClickToPay and our payment link.

Easy integration

ClickToPay can be easily integrated without needing to hire the services of developers or designers, so keeping your costs low. Fondy has also developed it so merchants can alter the design to suit their brand.

The benefits are enormous for small or medium-sized businesses or for merchants who find technical processes somewhat daunting.

In such challenging times all, and in particular for retailers, we know how important it is for you to be putting your customer first while managing your own needs as a merchant, regardless of the size of your operation.

Benefits of ClickToPay

  • Facilitates fast payment
  • No website or payment page required
  • Use a few lines of HTML code to integrate into your platform
  • Can also be used over the phone for virtual terminal payments aka. MOTO
  • Change the design to work seamlessly with your brand
  • Simple to use and offers a variety of payment methods
  • Available in more than 12 languages

The process is simple. Your customer selects the products they wish to buy and adds them to their cart on your website. They then select the ClickToPay button.

You, the merchant, will have already integrated the button on your platform or website through one of the two following options – redirect or direct checkout.

Redirect checkout

  • Customers are redirected to Fondy to complete the payment process
  • Redirect offers a fully responsive option that is ideal for social media and instant messaging

Direct checkout

  • Customers stay on your website or app while Fondy processes your payment
  • This solution is fully customisable solution and is integrated using HTML and CSS so you can design the checkout page for your platform

Both are ideal options for merchants and the payment process is simple.

The customer completes their checkout journey and Fondy accepts this payment. The payment runs through a simple process where the payment is either accepted or declined and if accepted, you, the merchant, confirms this with your customer on your payment page.

You’ve saved your customer time and effort and offered them an appealing checkout process which is likely to see repeat sales.

To learn more please visit fondy.eu or contact our Sales team who will be happy to answer any of your queries.


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