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Are you building your business online?
Increase your profits with FONDY with online payments by Visa/Mastercard

FONDY — international payments service
providing an internet acquiring platform for the European markets.

Start Accepting Payments

If your business is related to:
online courses webinars online training coaching
then FONDY is the ideal solution for receiving payments on your website.

What are the advantages of accepting payments through FONDY for your infobusiness?

  • Quick setup
    • Connect your site to the FONDY platform in just five minutes
    • 30+ CMS integrations
    • Send invoices through e-mail or any messaging service
    • Design your own "pay now" button
  • Integration with CRM

    The FONDY ready payment module is already available for five CRM platforms for easy integration. This greatly simplifies the work of sales manager, especially in the infobusiness sphere.

  • Multicurrency

    We know that infobusinesses are active globally. That's why FONDY allows you to accept payments from all over the world in a variety of currencies.

Choose your platform

Type below the name of the platform you use and we'll show you how to set it up to receive payments with FONDY.

Connecting a new system

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Already working with us

The benefits of FONDY

Simple and user-friendly

Beautifully designed, easy-to-use pages don't distract customers from making payments

Pending payment reminders

If a buyer gets distracted or their payment is declined (for example, because of insufficient funds), FONDY automatically sends an e-mail with a payment reminder and a link to the payment page

Fully customizable payment page design

Add your own logo and style to the payment page to keep customers feeling at home

Scheduled payments

Set up a payment calendar and have funds automatically debited on the appointed date

How to start receiving payments through FONDY

Sign up online.

It takes just five to ten minutes. Sign Up

Fill in your financial details.

So that we know where to pay the money.

Choose how to receive payments

For infobussinesses we offer three super convenient options:

  • Do you have a site on CMS or landing page?

    We've created 30+ read-made modules for receiving payments
    See → full list.

  • Do you have a blog?

    Create a button using the constructor and install it on your blog.

  • Do you do business through social networks?

    Create online invoices and send them directly to your client via chat or messaging.
    Instruction here.

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