Phpshop payment module


To install the module:

Download module

To install the module:

  1. Copy the payment folder to the root directory of the site;
  2. In the /phpshop/inc/config.ini file, add the following lines:
fondy_merchant_id = "1396424";
fondy_secret_key = "test";
fondy_currency = "EUR";
fondy_lang = "en";
fondy_on_page = "0";

Conventional notations:

* merchant_id - store identifier Fondy;
* secret_key - The secret key;
* currency - currency orders, i.e. in what currency will the amounts be transferred to Fondy (specify ONE currency);
* language - the language in which merchant Fondy will be displayed.
* fondy_on_page -Enable display mode on the page, ie mode without redirection (1 - on, 0 - off).


  1. In the control panel of the store (http: // the name of your site / phpshop / admpanel /)

    – go to the section “Orders” -> “Payment methods” and click the “New line item” button.
    – In the “Connection type” field, select “fondy payment” and fill in the “Name”, “Post message after payment”, “Post payments” fields.

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