Payment module for DJ-Classifieds


The plugin is installed normal way using Joomla extensions manager.

Install the plugin like any other Joomla extension.


After installation, you need to set up the plugin.

  • Open Extensions and then choose Plugins
  • Find the DJ-Classifieds DotPay payment plugin on the list
  • Open DJ-Classifieds DotPay payment plugin
    • Merchant ID – ID of an online store, obtained during the registration process Fondy
    • Secret key – Enter the secret key, which is set in the configuration fo your store control panel Fondy
    • Tariff with payer – Increase the amount of payment for the tariff of the payment system
    • Payment system rate
    • Currency – Choose a currency from the list
    • Description – Leave blank for default Language Const – You can also set the own description in your language – which is a very useful option
  • Save & Close

Learn more by the link:

Connect to FONDY payment gateway
and learn more!