DJ Classifieds payment module for Joomla-powered websites

DJ Classifieds payment module for Joomla-powered websites

We’ve created a plugin for DJ-Classifieds so you can easily integrate your Joomla website with our payment platform. Using it you gain full platform functionality that perfectly fits your project. Feel free to accept payments from all over the world in different currencies and using a wide range of payment methods. We offer not only Visa & Mastercard support, but lots of internet banking services, local methods for European and Asian countries, and mobile wallets. All this power of Joomla payment gateway is ready to become a part of your classified.


The plugin is installed normal way using Joomla extensions manager.

Install the plugin like any other Joomla extension.


After installation, you need to set up the plugin.

  • Open Extensions and then choose Plugins
  • Find the DJ-Classifieds DotPay payment plugin on the list
  • Open DJ-Classifieds DotPay payment plugin
    • Merchant ID – ID of an online store, obtained during the registration process Fondy
    • Secret key – Enter the secret key, which is set in the configuration fo your store control panel Fondy
    • Tariff with payer – Increase the amount of payment for the tariff of the payment system
    • Payment system rate
    • Currency – Choose a currency from the list
    • Description – Leave blank for default Language Const – You can also set the own description in your language – which is a very useful option
  • Save & Close

Learn more by the link:

DJ Classifieds payment module settings

After installing the plugin, it will work in a test mode. You could explore its features and receive some test payments. To unlock the full set of features and connect the plugin to your merchant it’s necessary to fill all the fields in the plugin settings.
If you have any questions or ideas about new features, write to us. We really appreciate your feedback.

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