Payment calendar

The payment calendar gives you the opportunity to set up regularly scheduled payments via direct debit from your customers.

How does online invoicing work?

  1. Your customers enters his/her card details on the payment page. To set up a regular payment the customer should confirm the frequency and number of payments.

  2. The customer's card is attached to his account in your system. The customer's information, in encrypted form, is saved to the FONDY payment calendar. The security of the card data is guaranteed.

  3. When it comes time to re-debit money from the customer's card, FONDY initiates a payment for the required amount according to the calendar.

Who are scheduled payments for?

  • Hosting and Internet Service Providers
  • Services of subscriptions to electronic and printed publications, access to online services, games, software
  • Services for payment of utilities, mobile communications, regular insurance contributions
  • Educational portals, courses, trainings, coaching
  • Charitable, volunteer organizations, as well as organizations that accept regular contributions

Why offer regular payments?

  • Neither you nor your customers need to take the same actions, receiving payments on the site occurs automatically
  • Your customers will never have problems with the availability of your service, because payment will always be made on time.
  • Increase the conversion rate of repetitive payments by eliminating the risk of customers leaving the payment page, getting distracted or simply not having access to the internet.
  • Automatic payments means back office staff time can be dedicated to more important tasks
  • Convenient accounting of the number of payments and their status.

How to set up a payment calendar

Option 1

Developers API
If you already have a website or it is under development, you can integrate a payment calendar using the API

Option 2

The payment button
If you don't have a website yet or you use a blog, you can create a button for regular payments. You can also send a link to the payment page to your customers via e-mail or any instant messaging service.

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