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How to make a cool selling landing page with online payments not being a coder (or fundraising for the colonization of Mars)

Cloud technologies to help the business

What do cloud technologies have to do with such a simple process as the creation of a landing page? In our company we have recently faced the problem how the process of development of one single page may be complicated if the process is approached “in the right way”. In your opinion, how many people usually participate in the development of one landing page? Let’s count:

  • a marketer offers an idea
  • a manager draws a prototype / model
  • a designer develops the graphic design
  • a layout person transfers the design into the HTML-code
  • a developer introduces the necessary logic, interactivity, and interaction into the code
  • a tester checks for the errors
  • a release-engineer finally releases the whole code to the industrial environment

In the recent years the cloud technologies became not only the trend but also a necessity for many online businesses. For example a web entrepreneur no longer needs to take care of own servers and technological infrastructure as numerous specialized services solve this problem for her: Amazon AWS, Hetzner, DigitalOcean, thus minimizing the technological costs of the enterprise.  But what if the nature of the business does not allow for the staff of developers for each particular task? To some extent a problem like this is the need to create landing pages in the event of new promotion release, information about a new event or regular launch of new products. If for every such event the entrepreneur will launch a full development cycle: page prototype → design → layout→ development→ testing then launch will be not only very pricey but also time-consuming. From the personal experience, launching a landing page in this way takes 2 weeks at best but sometimes may require even several months. What to do if this page also requires the integration of online payments? Then the event, about which you want to tell, be it an educational seminar, master-class, holiday promotions or launch of a product ahead of competitors, may remain in the irrevocable yesterday by losing the most important factor, the time.

At Fondy we have been working with businesses of various types for many years: education and coaching, tourism and tickets, digital services and physical goods production and this situation is not new for us. Therefore, we prepared some advice for you about how to launch a landing page fast at the same time setting up the online payment function on it.

Fundraising for the colonization of Mars

Let’s take a business case as an example: you developed the program to colonize Mars and you urgently need to raise funds for its implementation.

Let’s start with the technological platform. This task can be solved, for example, in two ways. The first one is to rent a hosting with pre-installed CMS-system, for example, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. Another option is the simplest one – to use any cloud service for building landing pages. We liked Tilda very much so we will provide the example using this service.

Step 1. Create a project and a new page in it. Select a template, for example Business, before creating the page. Name the page: Colonization of Mars

Step 2. Change the website content: background picture, texts on the pages and buttons. If you don’t have a logo yet, try to create it online using Logaster.

Step 3. Publish the page to get the link to the website. It looks like this: http://project64004.tilda.ws/page275286.html. You can also link it to your domain, for example, we set up https://mars.fondy.eu

Step 4. Integrate Fondy payment system into the ticket booking button This is very easy:

  • register in the system Fondy:fondy_account
  • to gain the full access to the system capabilities you should confirm your email and create a merchant (web-store) :fondy_confirm
  • after that enter the PAYMENT BUTTONS menu, click Buttons designer and enter the button information:
  • Type of the button: Purchase
  • Sum: EUR 1000, checkbox Read only
  • Language: English
  • in the “Add your field” tab add additional field “Payment details” and the value: Colonization of Mars. Payment for the expedition ticket.
  • click “Generate” and get the URL of the following type https://api.fondy.eu/api/checkout?button=…
  • simplify the link using the Google tool https://goo.gl/, otherwise Tilda will crop its length and invalidate it
  • paste the link in the button content in Tilda:button_tilda

Ready! Now we have a fully operational landing, using which the clients can make payments.

Fondy payment system offers a wide range of payment solutions accompanied by high-quality tools and functions that allow decreasing the operational costs for internet-acquiring and boosting income leaving the competitors behind:

  • ready-to-use gateways for the most popular  CMS systems, as well as JavaScript and HTML Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V solutions will simplify the integration for the developers.
  • automated reports, lists and acts lower the labor costs of operational staff of the company on manual checks and drafting of 1C reports
  • strick payment rules (next day or on the 2nd day). Next day early morning payments provide you fast access to your working capital
  • high level of API platform availability. You will not lose money due to false rejections, poorly set limits or anti-fraud system rules
  • no setup-fee, monthly or hidden fees, deposit holds. Only a low transaction fee without additional charges that will lower your costs.

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